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An artist of many sounds, Elizabeth Woolley, of English and German descent, drinks from the fountain of musical notes since her childhood while she listened to the notes of her father’s, Pete Woolley, bass.

Her house gathered many artists and family members. Her father always invited Elizabeth to sing jazz and bossa nova standards during presentations to friends. At the age of 14, she took her first steps through erudite music through the studies of transverse flute with João Dias Carrasqueira, but by that time she already made an instrument of her voice and presented herself in several choirs in São Paulo.

Elizabeth Woolley’s path was traced not only by the erudite! By following Pete, she was fed by jazz, Brazilian instrumental music, bossa nova, her sonority blooming through popular music, which she could share with many ears and many people.

She improved her voice with teachers like Sira Milani, Jane Duboc. She exercised her musicality on the stages of the night – such as Bar Brahma, just as an example – with partners like Jarbas Barbosa, Djalma Lima, the always present Mané Silveira, and her father, Peter Woolley.

In 2004, she released her first CD, "Guzzi", with compositions of her own and of her father’s, Pete Woolley, as well as from important composers – Tom Jobim, Dori Caymmi and Cole Porter. The work had the participation of the musicians: Tiago Costa (piano), Sílvio Mazzuca Jr (vertical bass), Ricardo Matsuda (classic guitar), Sérgio Reze (drums and gongs) and Mané Silveira (saxophones and flutes and musical direction).

During the release show, the SESC Pompeia theater had a full house. “Guzzi” is a work with great acceptance from the public. The songs were presented during the International Literary Fair of Paraty (Feira Literária Internacional de Paraty - FLIP), at the Campos de Jordão Winter Festival (Festival de Inverno de Campos de Jordão), at branches of SESC and other cultural spaces.

“Great new voice in the segment of a more sophisticated Brazilian music.”

Hugo Sukman – O Globo (Newspaper) – May/04/2004

In 2005, Elizabeth meets poet Atair Santos and started to put music to his poetry. Four years later, started the work for recording her second CD “Infindável” (Endless), only with songs by the singer and Santos, which was released in May, 2010, with participation of Sérgio Carvalho (bass), Márcio Arantes (bass), Webster Santos (classic guitar and guitar), Pedro Simão (classic guitar and musical direction), Tiago Costa (piano and musical direction), Guilherme Ribeiro (piano and keyboard), Walmir Gil (trumpet), Cuca Teixeira (drums), Crysthian Galante (percussion), Lino Simão (saxophones) and the participation of João Signorelli, Renata Miranda , DJ Rick Dub and Tina Wolley.

The songs from “Infindável” (Endless) are played in radio stations from several parts of Brazil and had excellent acceptance by the Brazilian music critics. Released in 2010, at Tom Jazz music club, in São Paulo, the singer also presented the songs from her second work in cities in the State of Santa Catarina: Lages and Criciuma; Botucatu, in the State of São Paulo ; and Paraty, in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

“Do not confuse yourself with the foreign name: the composer, singer and instrumentalist Elizabeth Woolley is from São Paulo. She authors the 11 songs of her second album, either alone or in partnership with the song writer Atair Santos. Under jazz and pop influences, the songs present good lyrics and surprising rhythms”

Editorial Office – Revista Almanaque Brasil (Magazine)/May 2010

Simultaneously to Infindável (Endless), Elizabeth was working in the production of de Urubububu, a musical for children, including compositions of her own and a story narrated to children. Released in 2010, it was produced by the singer with Mané Silveira and Tiago Costa, and counts with the participation of important actors, singers and very talented people from the universe of music. The restless artist is seeking to reach new horizons and the next step is taking the musical to schools.

Urubububu is a long term project. Hence, it is being designed by the singer and its managers to conquer new frontiers.

“The story focuses on the subject of tolerance with differences, going through sustainability, ecological education and solidarity. The modern fable educates and entertains. A singer with erudite background and that loves jazz, Elizabeth is successful in the game of entering the children’s world to sing the story.”

Beto Feitosa – – Oct/11/2010